Memorial Day & Chicken Burgers

Happy Memorial Day!! Thank you to everyone who has served and is serving to keep our country safe.

Since Memorial Day = grilling for most people, I decided to to join in and do dinner on the grill tonight too. On the menu: Chicken Burgers and Tomato Soup.

I probably should have mentioned in my first post that majority of what I cook is not my own recipes. My skills are not at that level yet. What is on my level? Sandra Lee’s Semi Homemade. If you think that you cannot cook, pick up any one of these cookbooks. Sandra Lee makes it incredibly easy to make a meal. (She even pairs sides for you!)

Where tonight’s recipes came from.

Chicken Caesar Burgers from Racheal Ray

Tuscan Tomato Soup with Basil from Sandra Lee


To make the chicken burgers, mix all the ingredients together, divide into four pattys and put them on the grill.


To make the soup, puree the tomatoes while you sautee onions. Add all the ingredients to the sauteed onions and simmer for about five minutes. I did not have Chardonnay like the recipe called for, but I did have Moscato so I used that instead. I would not recommend using Moscato to cook with. I always do because its basically the only wine I have at the house but I do not think its a good wine to cook with. It doesn’t ruin any of my food but it definitely does not make them better.


The burgers turned out great! I wish mine had more cheese on it, but I love extra cheese. the soup was good, but a little too sweet for what I like.



Happy Cooking!


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