Chicago & Stuffed Pizza

Chicago was amazing. I had the best time in the city and my cousin’s wedding was wonderful! I’ll post about the wedding (and the 9 course meal!) tomorrow. Today is all about the city of Chicago.

I wish I had more time to spend in the city. I was only able to stay in the actual city for about 3 hours because I had to be back for the rehearsal (I spoke in the wedding so needed to be there, but the rest of my family was able to stay a little longer.)

The first stop of our day was obviously to get pizza. When in Chicago, one must eat Chicago pizza. We went to Giordano’s. Since we were on a tight schedule, we opted to get the 15 minute personal pizzas. It would have taken 30-45 minutes to order a custom pizza and we simply did not have time. The 15 minute pizzas are remade so you only get to choose from cheese, pepperoni, sausage, and spinach. I got the spinach and it was delicious! I love all pizza, so I wasn’t worried about not liking it, but I was worried that I might be expecting more than what I would get. This pizza did not disappoint. Seriously, I could eat this everyday. 





The crust was the perfect amount of flaky and doughy. The cheese was gooey and perfectly melted. The sauce wasn’t overbearing. Just writing this is making me want to go back right now.


My cousins were really into hanging out with the family

Next up on our Chicago adventure was to be touristy. We wanted to see the bean and the fountain. Do these things have actual names or are they really just called ‘the bean’ and ‘the fountain’? On our way there, we stumbled upon a street festival. Turns out, Blues Fest. was going on. They had parts of the streets closed off and vendor all over. I love when this happens! Again, we were on a tight time schedule so we didn’t get to play too much. I was so sad we didn’t have more time in the city because is was the perfect day. Warm, but not hot weather, sun shining, Blues Fest, and everyone in a good mood. 










I will get back to Chicago. I didn’t even get to go shopping and see my friend who lives there. Next time, I’ll definitely spend longer in the city and order more pizza! 


Happy Cooking!


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