Wedding & 9 Courses

I was in Chicago because my cousin got married on Saturday. The wedding was amazing and she was a gorgeous bride! I had a great view of the ceremony because I got to sit in the second pew.


There was a long gap before the reception so we all headed back to the hotel to start eating! It was a beautiful day so we had snacks/lunch outside. There was 4 different kinds of pizza, lots of cheese & crackers, and a veggie platter. I ate so much brie and was not excited about having to get back into formal wear.

As soon as we got to the reception hall we started eating again, and did not stop for 2.5 hours. Yes, two and a half hours of eating! Seriously, there was 9 courses and I thought it would never end. But everything was so good!

It started with hand passed appetizers. There was prosciutto wrapped melon, baked dough with pizza sauce that looked like pizza without cheese or toppings, and something that looked like mini calzones. Unfortunately I did not get pictures of these since I was trying to be social.

After the passed appetizers we were told to sit for dinner. My family on my mom’s side is huge so I always sit at the ‘kids table’. For this wedding though, it worked out perfectly that all the cousins fit at one table, so we upgraded to the ‘cousins table’.


Cousins Table!

The second and third courses were antipasto and fried calamari.



The fourth course was soup. It was like a minestrone soup. They gave us Parmesan cheese to sprinkle onto and we had a mishap with it, spilling it all over the table. (Maybe we should go back to the kids table?) The fifth course was two different kinds of pasta – one with marinara sauce, one with garlic, butter & broccoli. The sixth course was salad.


The seventh course was my favorite – sorbet to cleanse the pallet! It was strawberry flavored which was surprisingly, but wonderful!


For the eighth course we got to choose filet, chicken, or fish. I chose chicken french. It was good but I could only eat a few bites since the food coma was starting to kick in.





The ninth, and final, course was dessert. Everything was made by an Italian bakery. I was so full at this point that I only had room for a cannoli. All the desserts looked delicious though, so I went overboard on the pictures since I couldn’t eat it.ImageImageImageImage

2.5 hours later, when dinner was over, everyone at my table was ready for a nap! Overall, the food was wonderful and I can now check ‘eat a 9 course meal’ off my list! it was sad to have to say goodbye to my family, but I am so ready to go back to home-cooked meals after this weekend. I did not eat one thing I didn’t like while in Chicago, but there is nothing like a home-cooked meal!

Happy Cooking!


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