Birthday & Chocolate Cake

Yesterday was my dad’s birthday. Usually, we go out to dinner for birthdays in my family. This year, my dad decided he wanted to stay home and grill instead. The weather was finally begun to act like summer so it was a perfect day to grill. My dad made the chicken and I made Strawberry Bacon Salad.



My dad got a new smoker grill a few weeks ago and it seriously is the best way to cook meats. They come out so tender and delicious! Dinner was fantastic.



Since it was my dad’s birthday, I had to bake something! My mom suggested chocolate cake, so she bought me a box mix. Sure, box mixes are easy, but they aren’t always the best cakes. I’ve heard about substituting greek yogurt in all kinds of things so I decided to use it in this cake. I look up a few different recipes and they all said the same thing.


  • One box cake mix
  • One cup vanilla greek yogurt
  • One cup water


Preheat oven according to directions. Whisk together water and yogurt. Whisk in cake mix. Bake according to directions (maybe 5 minutes longer).

I didn’t take pictures of the process because there was only two steps. The batter looked like a mix of pudding and brownie batter. The cake came out so good. My mom didn’t like it but my dad did and that’s all that really matters. It was moist and a little more dense than normal cake. My mom frosted it with mocha icing. I think there was too much icing, but it was still good.




Happy Cooking!


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