College & Sugar Cookie Pizza

I love my college. I had the best time there and still visit as much as possible (even though I graduated 3 years ago and am probably getting too old to do that). I went to visit last weekend and didn’t want to leave.



In college, I joined a sorority. It was definitely the best decision I ever made. I try to understand that sororities might not be for everyone, but I loved it. I never thought about joining one before college, it wasn’t something I had always dreamed of. But when I met the girls, I knew I had to do it.


While most people who are 3 years out of college might not know a lot of people left there, I still know enough people to give me a reason to visit. That’s all thanks to my sorority. I met all of my best friends there. Without it, I probably wouldn’t have any friends. One of my best friends is two years younger than me and I only met her because she pledged. My other best friends pledged with me. (Like I said, best decision ever!)



And because of my sorority I’m now planning 3 amazing vacations. If all goes as planning, next month I’m going to Daytona Beach. Some of the girls who are seniors this year were planning it and I’m so excited to go! The weather in New York was been crazy this year so I can’t wait for the sunshine and the beach! This summer we’re planning a trip to Las Vegas. I’ve never been and I cannot wait. I’ve always wanted to go so now I can finally cross that off my bucket list. Then in the fall, I’m going back to Florida for my best friends bachelorette party. I’m always very excited for that. I haven’t been in a room with all of my best friends probably since college. 



Now I feel like this post was very random, but I’m having college withdrawals this week and needed to share why I loved it so much!

Today’s recipe is so easy and so delicious and I’ve been meaning to make it for years. I’m not even exaggerating when I say years. When I was student teaching (in college!) one of the teachers brought this is and was nice enough to give me the recipe. I have no idea what took to so long to get around to making it. I’ve found lots of recipes for it online, so I have no idea who originally though up with Sugar Cookie Pizza.



  • one package cookie dough (and any ingredients needed to make it)
  • one package cream cheese
  • one package cool whip
  • fruit


Make the cookie dough according the the package. Roll it out into one sheet. (I did mine in a kind of rectangle shape, but I’ve seen it in circles too.) Bake the cookie according to the package. While the cookie is baking, cream together the cool whip and cream cheese. Then, cut up whatever fruit you choose to use into bit size pieces. I used strawberries, blueberries, mango, and pineapple. When the cookie is cooled, spread the cream cheese/cool whip mixture onto the cookie. Top with the fruit. 

I really wanted to use kiwi instead of mango, but I couldn’t find it. The pineapple I used was canned, so don’t feel like you need to use all fresh fruit. The recipe I used called for a big tub of cool whip but I forgot and bought a small one. I ended up with waaaay to much topping anyway, so you can definitely get away with the regular sized tub.



Happy Cooking!!


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