Turkey Burgers & Idaho: Week Three

Its hard to believe that I’ve been here for three weeks already. I’m all settled in and well adjusted. Baby Girl and I are on a schedule that seemed to work for everyone. Overall, everything in going really well!

I have been making dinners, but haven’t been documenting them as much as I would like to. This week I do have a turkey burger recipe, though! I’ll start with the food, then recap my past week.



  • Worcestershire
  • Onion Powder
  • Garlic Salt
  • Parmesan Cheese 
  • Ground Turkey


Mix together a few dashes of Worcestershire, a few sprinkles of onion powder and garlic salt, a bunch of Parm, and the ground turkey. (Sorry, I actually did not measure the ingredients.) Divide mixture evenly and shape patties and cook! 


Now onto what I was up to last week:

There is also a puppy in the household that I think I have yet to mention. Stanley is about six months old and he is a BIG puppy. Lately, we think he has been wanting to be Baby Girl. We caught him sitting in her crib, rolling around in the bathtub, and laying on her play mat. When Baby Girl get grumpy, we bounce her on an exercise ball. This week while I was bouncing her, Stanley jumped up onto my lap! I tried to get a picture but its kind of hard to see.



In the morning while I’m getting ready Baby Girl hangs out in my room so I can get ready and Mom can pack her lunch, take out the dog, etc. We like to watch the Today Show together. 


Sunday was Easter and it was also my cousins birthday. She works on Sundays so we celebrated on Saturday. We spent the day shopping, watching her husband play hockey, and eating in downtown Spokane, WA. The city is really pretty and the shopping was great! I got more things then I probably need. For dinner we went to PF Changs. I’ve never eaten there before but have been wanting to. It was delicious! We got lettuce wraps as an appetizer. Everyone I’ve talked to say its their favorite and I can see why. I would definitely recommend them. I got pad tai for dinner and that was great too! 

I almost forgot that Sunday was Easter because we did not do anything to celebrate. My mom sent me a care package though, so at least I got chocolate! 


Happy Cooking!!


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