Idaho: Weeks Nine & Ten

Lots if firsts happening this past week!

1. I started my new job as a server. I had the worst first day ever but at least it couldn’t get any worse after that. Since I watch Baby Girl Sunday-Wednesday, I’m only available three days a week. Training started Monday but they said I would be fine missing the first few days. During those days, they apparently moved me from one restaurant to another without telling me. Luckily I checked Thursday morning to see where to go. When I got there it looked like the we’re finishing up for the day. Turns out they started 5 hours earlier and no one told me. It was a big mess. Eventually everything got worked out. My co-workers are so nice. Everyone is already hanging out outside of work. We carpool. It’s great. We officially open tomorrow so I hope the season goes well!

2. Less exciting, I got my first gel pedicure. I didn’t even know this was a thing. They call it a ‘bling pedicure’. I’m not sure if it’s because the salon is named Bling or because they are extra sparkly. Apparently the nail polish will last a really long time – as in all summer. That is, if your nails don’t grow out too much. I’m really excited to see how long they actually last, considering they were not cheap.

3. Baby Girl’s grandparents came to visit. She’s met her grandpa but never her grandma. The grandma is so good with get and it’s been a big help to me having them here! (I got to go to an extra day of training since she babysat.) I love seeing her interactions with new people.

4. SHE ROLLED OVER. She’s been getting really close but was having a hard time getting her arm out from under here. But she finally did it! I freaked out and started yelling, she just stared at me like, ‘what’s the big deal??’ She eats food almost every day and especially loves carrots. She has the loudest voice and loves ‘talking’ (although it’s more like yelling). She is getting so big, I can’t even handle it.

5. And finally, some if my friends and I started a book club! I’m so excited about this. We’ve been talking about doing it for months. It’s very informal. I think were just going to read a book a month and talk about it once we’ve finished. I’m really excited to read some new books that I wouldn’t have picked out. Let me know if you have any suggestions!


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