Idaho: Weeks 13,14, & 15

I’ve been busy, busy, busy over the past two weeks. (Hence the lack if blogging.) Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Work. It’s really picked up and I’m happy that we’re starting to get busy. I work on a lake and we have lawn service. The weather has been beautiful so everyone is coming down to hang out at the lake. One night after work all the girls stayed to go for a swim. It was so fun! We got to play in all the jumpy/floaty/climby things that the kids get to play on all day. 4th of July was crazy! We had a huge party up at the other restaurant that my co-workers and I got sent to help out with. There was suppose to be 600 people, there was a band, we had our own fireworks. This coming weekend we have another big event. I’m not sure if I’m working it yet but I hope it do because I hear it’s a lot of fun!

Training. I’ve decided to run a half marathon. More like I got talked into running a half marathon. The Empire State Marathon is in Syracuse the weekend before my best friend’s wedding. The maid of honor, who is an avid runner, decided we should run it together. I agreed, although I’m still not sure why! I’ve been following the Hal Hidgon training program and it’s going okay. I strained my knee while running two weeks ago and it’s really annoying me. I think I have ‘runners knee’ so if anyone has any advice on how to fix it or just running in general I would love to hear it!

Birchbox. I signed up for birchbox last month and am so glad I did!! I love it. I’m a product junky and can’t imagine anything better then getting new products every month. June’s box teamed up with Jet Blue so I got a few extra. It was definitely the perfect month to sign up! My July box is on it’s way and I hope it’s just as good.


Family. My aunt came into town for about a week. She’s my moms sister and the next best thing to have my mom come visit. I had to work a lot and didn’t see her as much as I would have liked, but it was nice having her hear. I haven’t been too homesick, but I definitely am missing my people back home!


100 Happy Days. This week I am going to start the #100happydays challenge. For 100 days I am going to post a picture of something that made me happy that day. I plan to upload them onto Instagram, but I’m thinking I’ll add them into here too!

BabyGirl. Obviously the baby is the most exciting part of this blog at this point (at least in my opinion!). She just turned six months and watching her grow has been amazing. She’s now a pro at rolling over. She loves to play on the floor and rolls all over the place! She is also getting good at sitting up by herself. We think she’s teething but there’s no teeth yet. When I have to go to work for three days I feel like I’m missing out on so much with her! I honestly don’t know how I’m going to leave in the fall!


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