Idaho: Weeks 18 & 19

The past two weeks have been the busiest weeks I’ve had here. My cousin and the baby went back to New York last week to visit. My grandpa turned 85 this year so my family decided to have a big summer party for him. Unfortunately, they picked the busiest weekend at work here in Idaho to have said party so I had to stay here. I’m glad I was really busy because I was so sad that I couldn’t make it. My other cousin had a baby two months after BabyGirl and I haven’t met her yet. Everyone was in town and I was really missing home.

While everyone was at home partying, I was working Bull Rush. There are three big events of the summer where I’m working – 4th of July, Barn Dance, and Bull Rush.

Bull Rush is the biggest though because it’s basically the last weekend of summer for the members. Everyone invites their friends and family to come into town and there is a three day long gold tournament. We had a huge seafood extravaganza where we set up the restaurant and lawn to look like Pikes Place Market in Seattle. I wish I took pictures but I worked a 16 hour day so I was tired and forgot.

We also hosted a 50th birthday party during Bull Rush weekend. I love working events and parties. Basically we just cocktail and make sure all the members have whatever they need.


Yesterday was the last day of my seven day work week. Every Tuesday we have Taco Tuesday, but I’ve never worked one before. Since most people head home after Bull Rush, we only had about 100 reservations (Normally it’s closer to 300). Sounds easy, except there was a huge storm coming in. My mom is New York had even heard about it. So we somehow had to squeeze 100 inside the restaurant. Well that didn’t happen and when the storm did hit everyone ran inside. It was a little crazy, but we managed. At the end of the night we went up to the employee parking lot and noticed a major problem. A tree had fallen over and had blocking the entrance. Luckily the boys decided they were going to be manly and move the tree. It was seriously entertaining.




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