Idaho: Week 21

Last Wednesday night I went to see Dustin Lynch with two girls from work. He was performing at the North Idaho Fair and apparently it was the first real concert in about 15 years. I was so surprised by that because it was a great venue! It reminded me of the NYS Fair concert area, but half the size. The tickets were so cheap so we got seats in the ‘most expensive’ section.



When Dustin Lynch finally came on stage, he told everyone to come up to the out area. I’m not sure why they didn’t sell pit tickets because there was a huge empty space between the stage and the first row of chairs. It worked out well for us, though. We ran up front as soon as he said that!



Out standing spots were good but we eventually pushed up so there was only 3-4 people between us and the stage!



His performance was amazing. In the middle of his set he told us he was going to stay on longer then planned. He let his band take a break (and refill their drinks 😉 ) while he played a few acoustic songs. Fireworks starting going off behind the stage. It was awesome. Maybe one of the best shows I’ve been to. (And I’ve been to a lot of concerts!)


After the show, Dustin Lynch stayed on stage to sign things for the crowd. It was getting a little crazy with everyone trying to push their way to the front so he said to go over to the merchandise tent. We took off and ended up being the first people at the table! He signed stuff for us and we took a selfie!!


I was so impressed that I preorder his new album that comes out on September 9th. I got three songs already and I can’t wait to get the rest of them!

After the concert we had to stop for cotton candy!


I love concerts and try to go to a few each summer. If this is the only one I see this summer though, I’ll be happy!


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