Bachelorette Party Weekend: Part 2

Friday night we had planned to all rock our LBD and the bride would wear a LWD. (is Little White Dress a thing?) I must say, we looked ah-mazing.


We had reservations at a place called Harmonious Monks. We didn’t really know what to expect. It turns out that all the servers there are also singers/performers. There was a stage in front with a guitarist (who also sang) and a drummer, but the main singers were the servers. They sang the best songs to dance to. This was right up the bride’s alley. We ended up staying the all night because we were having so much fun!





On Saturday morning we all piled back into the car to head back to the MOH’s house.


We didn’t really have plans for the day and half of us weren’t feeling great after the previous night, so we decided to lay by the pool. This also turned into one of the better parts of the weekend. We all laid around the pool talking, laughing, and telling stories.

Saturday night we all wore our ‘Team Bride’ shirts. Once again, we looked ah-mazing.





We went out to hibachi for dinner. I’ve never had it before and it was so much fun! Our chef kept calling one of the girls ‘sake girl’ and for some reason we thought it was hilarious. (In care you’re wondering, the nickname had stuck.)


After we went to a restaurant/bar to watch the MOH’s favorite singer, Darrel Rae. We thought she was crazy for how obsessed she is, but he’s really good! We also had a scavenger hunt that we did! Only half of us got really into it but it was SO MUCH FUN. I recommend it for any bachelorette party.







Overall, this was the best weekend of my life. It was awesome to be reunited with all of my best friends. I refuse to go another three years without us all getting together!


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