Hi, I’m Kathleen! I’m from Rochester, NY but I currently reside in Idaho. This is my story:

In 2011 I graduated from SUNY Oswego with a Bachelor’s in Childhood Education, concentrating in Mathematics. I moved to Syracuse after graduation and that’s where my cooking journey began. Since I was no longer a college student, I needed to eat like it. I may have slight OCD so I cannot go to the grocery store and just buy random things. I started meal planning so I knew I had at least three dinners each week. Tacos were on the menu weekly and I made a lot of calzones. While I didn’t make anything too complex, this was when I started using cookbooks and Pinterest.

In December of 2012 I went through a very unexpected and rough break-up. I found myself back living with my parents and had little motivation to do much of anything. I was unemployed which gave me a lot of spare time. Out of pure boredom, I started doing things around the house – cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping. But yet again, I found it impossible to go to the grocery store and just buy random things. So I got back into meal planning. This time I bought a bunch of new cookbooks and hit Pinterest hard. Cooking started giving me a reason to get out of bed each day. (Maybe that’s a little to dramatic.)

I started posting pictures of my dinners on Instagram. That gave me the idea to start a blog. At first, I wasn’t sure about it because I am not a writer. But I wanted to share my food with people and thought a blog could become a good outlet for me. So Kathleen’s Kitchen was born!

Lately I’ve been going through stages of cooking. I was traveling for awhile so the cooking took a backseat. While I still love cooking, I don’t think I need it as much as I did last year.

While this started out as a food blog, I am going to change its direction. In March 2014, I moved to Idaho to be a nanny for my cousin’s new baby. Kathleen’s Kitchen is a way for me to chronicle my adventures in Idaho and keep everyone back home updated. I’m hoping once I get into a groove with Baby Girl I will be able to start cooking again.

I hope you enjoy my stories, adventures, and most importantly my food! So follow along with me as I navigate my way through life in Idaho.


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