#100happydays Days 46-60

Day 46: The happiest baby

Day 47: Emma must think I smell or something

Day 48: Car wash!

Day 49: Olive Garden for lunch

Day 50: Future housemates! The day we put the deposit on our apartment

Day 51: Perfectly undercooked, giant cookies at work

Day 52: After many happy days working at Gozzer Ranch, this was my last one

Day 53: Best friends!

Day 54: Sake and sushi

Day 55: I think I’ll just pack Emma too

Day 56: She dresses better then I do

Day 57: Got my hair done!

Day 58: Back to New York today!!

Day 59: I think they missed me

Day 60: Erin’s bridal shower!



Have you ever been away from home for an extended period of time? While moving to Idaho wasn’t my first time moving away (I went away for college and moved to Syracuse after I graduated), it was the longest amount of time I’ve ever spent not seeing my parents and my home.

When I got home last everything in my house seemed small. Or I felt bigger. It was like I was in Alice in Wonderland and I ate those cookies that made Alice a giant. My kitchen table felt smaller. My bathroom sink felt smaller. My parents have lived in this house since they were pregnant with me. It’s the only place I’ve ever called home. So to have everything seen so small was very strange.

But the weirdest thing of all about being home? I can’t remember how I slept with my pillows. I’ve always had a ton of pillows on my bed – regular pillows, a body pillow, small throw pillows, even smaller decorative pillows. And I have no idea what pillows I slept with and how I slept with them.

It’s so strange how a place I’ve lived in for almost 25 years can feel different after only being away for six months.

Regardless of the few things that are off, I’m so happy to be home.

As Andy Grammar says, “and no matter where we go, we always find our way back home.”

Idaho: Weeks 22, 23, & 24

Tomorrow I head back to New York. I’m basically feeling all the emotions that there are… But I’ll get to that!

Week 22: One of the girls I worked with at Gozzer had just gotten and accepted two jobs as a dental hygienist which was pretty exciting! She decided that if she was going to stay here to work, she was going to move out of her parents house. So she asked another co-worker of ours and me if we would be interested in getting an apartment together. I had no plans as to what I was going to do when I got back to New York so this sounded like as good of a plan as any! She had already found a three bedroom so we decided to look into it.

Week 23: We went to look at the apartment (twice!) and fell in love with it! It’s brand new, in fact the one we would move into isn’t even built yet. The price is a lot lower then I expected and they only had one three-bedroom left. It seemed like fate to us so we decided to fill out an application and see if we would even be able to get the apartment.


I had won a bottle of wine at work and was saving it for a special occasion. So we drank it as we applied for our apartment.

The next day we got our response – we were approved!! So we paid the deposit and the apartment is our!


We celebrated by watching the Seahawks win their first game of the season at the brand new Buffalo Wild Wings in town.

Long story short – I am moving back to Idaho come November! I’m really excited for this next chapter of my life. I’m excited to be starting off year 25 with a new apartment that is mine. I’m excited to get my life started with real responsibilities.

So going back to New York tomorrow is filled with different emotions then I had originally thought. I honestly did not know how I was going to leave BabyGirl and not know when I would see her and my cousin again. Now I’ll only be gone for two months.

I’m so excited to see my friends I could cry. I am SO happy that I get to see all of them within the next few weeks.

I’m nervous that I’m forgetting to pack something. I have to keep reminding myself that I am coming back, that I am leaving things behind on purpose. (My suitcase is already hard to close!)

I am so happy to be seeing my parents tomorrow night. It might sound weird or cheesy but I actually like my parents. This is the longest I’ve ever gone without seeing them (except for FaceTime!) and it’s been really weird.

Even though I am sad to be leaving, I’m mostly really excited to get back home. I know no matter where my life takes me, my heart will always belong in New York.



#100happydays Day 31-45

Day 31: Nachos.

Day 32: So happy to have this lady back from New York

Day 33: Birchbox day!

Day 34: Gozzer co-workers

Day 35: Dustin Lynch concert! It was AMAZING.

Day 36: I’m really going to miss this view

Day 37: Off work early means I get to eat dinner with the family

Day 38: My daily commute is beautiful

Day 39: Sonic

Day 40: Could this kid get any cuter in her workout outfit??

Day 41: National Dog Day

Day 42: The best little shopper

Day 43: The best way to end a shift

Day 44: Sunsets over the lake

Day 45: Braids by Mariah

Idaho: Week 21

Last Wednesday night I went to see Dustin Lynch with two girls from work. He was performing at the North Idaho Fair and apparently it was the first real concert in about 15 years. I was so surprised by that because it was a great venue! It reminded me of the NYS Fair concert area, but half the size. The tickets were so cheap so we got seats in the ‘most expensive’ section.



When Dustin Lynch finally came on stage, he told everyone to come up to the out area. I’m not sure why they didn’t sell pit tickets because there was a huge empty space between the stage and the first row of chairs. It worked out well for us, though. We ran up front as soon as he said that!



Out standing spots were good but we eventually pushed up so there was only 3-4 people between us and the stage!



His performance was amazing. In the middle of his set he told us he was going to stay on longer then planned. He let his band take a break (and refill their drinks 😉 ) while he played a few acoustic songs. Fireworks starting going off behind the stage. It was awesome. Maybe one of the best shows I’ve been to. (And I’ve been to a lot of concerts!)


After the show, Dustin Lynch stayed on stage to sign things for the crowd. It was getting a little crazy with everyone trying to push their way to the front so he said to go over to the merchandise tent. We took off and ended up being the first people at the table! He signed stuff for us and we took a selfie!!


I was so impressed that I preorder his new album that comes out on September 9th. I got three songs already and I can’t wait to get the rest of them!

After the concert we had to stop for cotton candy!


I love concerts and try to go to a few each summer. If this is the only one I see this summer though, I’ll be happy!

#100happydays Days 16-30

Day 16: A few of my favorite things

Day 17: Short run with BabyGirl on a hot day

Day 18: I finally bought real running sneakers

Day 19: Sent out bridal shower invites!

Day 20: Rap music and new sneakers got me to five miles

Day 21: So bad and yet so good

Day 22: A beautiful day at Gozzer Ranch

Day 23: Delicious leftover seafood at work

Day 24: Lake Club ladies

Day 25: Sunsets over the lake

Day 26: Love getting my hair braided at work

Day 27: Back at the gym after a long work week

Day 28: Sushi dinner date

Day 29: Silverwood Theme Park for the day!

Day 30: 3 dozen boneless wings for the servers, thanks kitchen mess up