What I Want Wednesday

Well my mom does have a pretty well stocked kitchen, there are a few things that I need want. I guess I don’t need these things because I can live without them. However, I do think that once I have all the proper kitchen equipment my cooking will become that much better. So I’ve decided to start ‘What I Want Wednesday’ so I can compile a list of all the things I think I have to have. 

First up – a dutch oven. We have lots of pots, pans, crock pots, and baking dishes, but I still want a dutch oven. I used to have one just like this one. I loved it and got very used to being able to use it for all kinds of meals. My life now without one just isn’t the same. This is why I must get a dutch oven soon.

I’m not picky. I’ll take one like this or like that. It doesn’t even have to be red! I’ll take blue or green or yellow or even rainbow. Okay maybe not rainbow. But I am very flexible about what kind of dutch oven I get. 

For now, it will just have to stay on my list of wants. I will be on the lookout, though, and hopefully will get one soon!


Happy Cooking!


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